Come see DisaART on exhibit at Crossroads Cafe for the month of June.
Enjoy some yummy food and view the art in beautiful Upstate New York!
Delhi, NY is located in the Western Foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

Crossroads Cafe
80 Main St, Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746-7007

I am Disa,
I am an abstract expressionist painter working primarily in acrylic paint.
My work is spontaneous and intuitive. It is hard to describe where the paintings come from. They mostly paint themselves.

Perhaps Gerhard Richter has said it best for me, “When we describe a process, or make out an invoice, or photograph a tree, we create models; without them we would know nothing of reality and would be animals. Abstract pictures are fictive models, because they make visible a reality that we can neither see nor describe, but whose existence we can postulate.”  ~ Gerhard Richter: Text. Writings, Interviews and Letters 1961-2007 Thames & Hudson, London 2009 p. 121

Creativity has always been my passion; taking on various forms throughout my life. I see the world around me in colors and texture. The world moves and flows. There is nothing static in what I am seeing. This reflects in my paintings. Vivid colors… textural, fluid and full of translucence with many transparent layers add a unique dimensional quality. The fluidity of movement combined with radiant color and transparency bring a vibrant and mesmerizing visual for your home and business.

“Liquid poems of color” as described by a collector.

Have a look around at the paintings page.

I am available to paint custom pieces. Size and color being the variables. Beyond that it is up to the paint, and the energy of movement.
Contact me via phone or email today.
DisaART is a positive investment for your life.

DisaART Designs ~ Serving Interior Designers, Individual Collectors, Galleries and Businesses.


4 thoughts on “Disa

  1. I am in introduction phase; introducing me to you and receiving introduction of all sublime impressions receiving from your subjective atmosphere! Not knowing what future holds for me while I am being introduced to you!

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