~ Disa ART ~ Fluid Abstract Expression

"This Moment IS the SLIP-SPACE into Infinity" 30" x 30"

“This Moment IS the SLIP-SPACE into Infinity”
30″ x 30″

Painting is a way I come closer to the deeper parts of my being. The intention is for you the participant as viewer to also be carried along into this inner space, finding communion with your true Self.
My fluid and abstract painting process is completely intuitive and spontaneous. I do not plan ahead… simply entering the dimension of the canvas and allowing the process to take over. After the first session, I will feel what, if anything is speaking… asking me to play some more. This can go on for a period of days or weeks. Painting helps me to let go of the spinning brain-mind and surrender into the dance with Spirit.
“Liquid poems of color,” is how a friend of mine describes my paintings.
These paintings are to be used in contemplation. Placed where you may sit comfortably and gaze. Sometimes you will notice the paint continues to move… drawing you further into the Inner Space of the Quantum Heart. A dimensional shift is occurring!
Disa ART’s paintings bring an energy into your home or office in a positive, healing and uplifting way.
Prices are available upon request.
Payments plans are fine or visit my Etsy shop…

Peace and Love,
Disa ~ Sherril Berry-Wysong

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

NOTE: When a painting is clicked you will be taken into a carousel slideshow. To view any painting much larger (see screenshot) go down below the photo in the slideshow and highlight the (view full size) link and a new window will open. 


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