Beginning "Sisters" Inspired by the Three Sisters, Volcanos. Oregon 2015

Beginning “Sisters”
Inspired by the Three Sisters, Volcanos. Oregon 2015

Come see DisaART on exhibit at The Autumn Cafe for the month of August.
Enjoy delicious food while viewing the art in the beautiful upstate city of Oneonta, New York!
I will have a couple of my newer series of ‘Natural Places’ I’ve traveled to and fell in love with in the last year. Beginning in the summer of 2014 when I had the amazing opportunity to visit Iceland and stay with my Icelandic friends.
In the exhibit, to mention a few are, Landmannalaugar Volcanic Area in Iceland and The Three Sisters Volcanos (What is with me and volcanos!) in Oregon. Also on display is one of my newer abstract pieces; “Space,” a 30″ x 40″ brush and fluid abstract with multiple layers of transparencies. A delicious exploration. No space ship required. :)

Included are many other works new and old for your enjoyment.

The Autumn Cafe
244 Main St #1, Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 432-6845

I am an abstract expressionist; seeing the world in paint, painting the Universe.
When I look around I see paintings, everywhere!
I see colors, shapes, textures and forms; interpreting the natural world in lots of different ways.
From fluid pours to brush and fluid abstract natural landscapes, to nature in a macro way; I enjoy variety in all of natures presentations.

When I paint, the movement of the paint flows as I listen to the inner prompts and follow them.
Sometimes there is an idea or a place I have seen and experienced  that I wish to capture, and this becomes the starting point, but always the painting takes me where it wants to go.

My mission is for you the viewer to experience the feelings felt and the messages received from my joy of the natural world and the beauty which surrounds us at all times.


“Liquid Poems of Color” as described by a collector.

I like what Gerhard Richter said about painting…

“When we describe a process, or make out an invoice, or photograph a tree, we create models; without them we would know nothing of reality and would be animals. Abstract pictures are fictive models, because they make visible a reality that we can neither see nor describe, but whose existence we can postulate.”  ~ Gerhard Richter: Text. Writings, Interviews and Letters 1961-2007 Thames & Hudson, London 2009 p. 121

Currently I am traveling and enjoying a grand adventure!
Bringing my studio wherever I land for the time being. Painting all the wonderful natural places I get to spend time in.
Enjoy the show and take home your favorite painting!


In Appreciation,

4 thoughts on “Disa

  1. I am in introduction phase; introducing me to you and receiving introduction of all sublime impressions receiving from your subjective atmosphere! Not knowing what future holds for me while I am being introduced to you!

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