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Side angle to capture the iridescent quality

What Is Connected?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

I wonder….

Where does connection begin? Does it end? If so where?
Journey with me in this weeks photo blog as we wander together…

Connected in wandering…

Connected in wondering.

Frog Connection ~ Mud Trail (White Mountains, Maine US)

Frog Connection ~ Mud Trail (White Mountains, Maine US)

As my spouse and I camped and hiked in The White Mountains of Maine, this fine week in September, we took pause to enjoy the BIG and little things in life.


Where does this frog connect? Is there anyplace he does not. Or for that matter; am I connected to the frog with my eyes vision only? Just where does our connection begin? Or end? Or does it?

What about the brooks myriads of pools and flows… stone, leaf, and water, all flowing.
Moss clinging, sky reflecting, light piercing. Connected…

Connected to me..
To You?
Where does it begin? End? Or does it?


Moose Pond to Beaver Home to

So many connections….
Here we are seeking out the wild Moose!!! We found their tracks and their beds… No moose

YET we did connect with others who inhabit this place! In fact without them, this place for the Moose would not exist.
I find the idea of where it all begins or ends interesting. I feel we are all connected… on many levels; there is no beginning or end.
What one does affects the other, affects the other… We do not live in a bubble!

We stood a while with these forest builders… as the sun began to set.


Sun connected to Sky to Tree to Me


May we all learn to live in harmony…
With each other and with the Earth and all of the creatures we share this planet with.
Remembering that we are connected…
Dis-connection can only be a mental concept, which when allowed to rule ones thoughts and actions, serves to hurt the self as well.
Be kind.

Angles of Looking

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

As a visual artist type… I enjoy this idea of viewing something, all things from all angles.
Like a hologram which is seen every which way all at once from every which way.
When I paint I often photograph the piece from all sorts of angles and as it matures during different times of layering.

This painting simply called “the brook” is inspired by one of my favorite places, Chittenden Brook, in Vermont. The whole place sparkles with it’s own substrate of mica, quartz and wood. The split firewood at night even glowed! Really it did… the ground looking like splatters of bluish green light where the wood shavings fell.

I have embedded stones and a piece of wood carved by the brook. It’s interesting to me,
how the best expressions come when i just let go and play like a little kid in the brook.
This is no small brook either… In places it can seem to be more river like to me… though a small river.
Still another layer of translucent to crystalline clear gel medium and fluid pour. Yet… with this challenge and my really liking whats going on now… I decided to use “the brook” as my subject.

The canvas is 20″ x 60″ and will be added to the gallery when finished. It will probably take a month to fully dry and cure… Patience is a good practice for me. 🙂

Life is Good

This MESH Gallery is in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge “It Was a Good Day.”
Life is good.
Yes it is.
Every day there can be something good.
Whether receiving a photo of my daughter and granddaughter, making homemade Kombucha or a hike in the forest with my guy.
Working on a new painting.. hanging an exhibit, eating some awesome Japanese food or just chilling in the hammock looking up through the leaves without thinking about anything at all.
Celebrating life can be a daily event!
These are a few of my favorite things.
Yes Life is Good.

Year One


Heart in the Sand 2013

Heart in the Sand 2013

In February of 2013 at beautiful Playa Linda Beach in Florida; I drew a heart in the sand decorated with shells and stones.
I said a prayer and asked God to send me my true love. In June of 2014 I met Brian briefly at a friends home.
July we sat together at this friends wedding and a spark of connection was beginning to be realized.
Off to Iceland I trekked a week later and upon my return Brian and I had lunch….
Now one year later August 14th we celebrate our first year together.
This photo blog post is dedicated to true love and faith; never giving up and trusting always there is true love for me in this life. True love for us both.

First Hike, Nature Conservancy, Walton, NY

First Hike ~ August 2014


Giant Ledge, NY

The cool thing is we both have the same love of a simple life and the natural world.


Being in nature together is the best!

October at the Mansion

October at the Mansion

Brian is the best artist helper! 🙂


Romantic Brunch

Romantic Valentines Day Brunch

Valentines Day ~ 6 month anniversary promise rings

Valentines Day ~ 6 month anniversary promise rings





First year of our life together.


Happy Anniversary!!! A Year of Love and Discovery

The Footage of The World Beneath My Feet

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Beneath My Feet in Oregon

Beneath My Feet in Oregon, June 2015

One of the things I like to do whenever and wherever I travel is photograph my feet on the ground… in the air; wherever I see them. Partly because traveling and life feels so dream like. When I can look at a photograph, it helps me remember the dream of being wherever I seemingly was. For when I am not present in that place what is left? But a memory of being in a place. And besides… who else’s feet could those be?

Beneath My Feet in Israel

Beneath My Feet in Israel up high on the Cliffs at Arbel after hiking from Nazareth on the way to Capernaum in 4 days.

Was I really in Israel in 2013? The feet prove it. Did I really hike from Nazareth to Capernaum… Yes, almost there.
Here we are high above the sea of Galilee on the Cliffs of Arbel. Funny… where my feet show up.. usually so does my shadow.
Here I am.


Above my friends home in Iceland; looking toward Reykjavik. August, 2014

Ahhh… the world beneath my feet. Iceland. YES I was there, and I see the mud on my shoes from Costa Rica!
Lying atop the soft moss. Foraging for the wild berries. When I see the feet, I KNOW I was there.


Beneath my feet in the Adirondack Mountains of New York in 2008; kayaking down the lazy stream.

And further back in the time machine is the “footage” of a moments frozen light particles captured forever in a photo.
Was I there? Yes.. the Teva sandals prove it… I’d know those toes anywhere. 🙂
Why… I can see them right now as I make this post… 7 years later; with the world still beneath my feet.

Spaces Between

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

Inspiration ~ Chittenden Brook, Vermont (full size)

I have discovered it is the spaces between in the ‘natural world’ which give me the inspiration in life, as an artist and spiritually. Not so much what is in my face directly, though in my face it is.

I prefer to be in nature… deep away from the noise of the busy world. It is within these gaps… I am most inspired.

As in sitting… It is the gaps between thoughts where the inspirations appear.

In this picture of a favorite brook in Vermont… I fly in deep… into the flowing brook between the pixels of color.

Inspiration ~ Abstract Photo of Chittenden Brook, Vermont 2015

Inspiration ~ Abstract Photo of Chittenden Brook, Vermont 2015

This is the IN-Spiration for my new painting which will be 20″ x 60″ or 51cm x 152cm. I did not alter or photoshop the picture.. I cropped into the photo to expand it and go in.


Spot the Salamander

Spot the Salamander

Spot the Salamander

Once upon a time while camping in Vermont (last month)…
I perchance came upon this wee one. I named her Spot. She is a Red Spotted Newt and no she was not turned into one by a witch!
Carefully picking Spot up and holding her in my hand we chatted about life and all manner of things.
I discovered that Spot likes cool damp leaves and the comfort of moss and mushrooms.
I told her I love to be in the forest and put my feet in cold streams. We became fast friends. Spot and me.
Soon it was time to leave Chittenden Brook and go back to the city… but before I left she told me of a magical place to visit near the brook. I took her advice and spent several hours communing with many of her friends chatting about life and all manner of things.
I am looking forward to my return to this wonderful place which sparkles of mica and quartz and dear Orange Newts.
In Appreciation,

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

Symbols in the Dream

One day while I was in Iceland. I glanced down at the counter and there a symbol appears in a simple rubber band in the shape of a heart. Purple too!
Love is all around and when I am open and in a loving place… She shows up in my dreams in symbols as simple as this, or a stone, or a cloud, a flower or smile. LOVE WINS.
So no matter what the outer illusion seems to show which says otherwise…
TUNE IN to the Heart. Put your hand there… feel it.
This is the direct connection to SELF.
To ALL of us as ONE Being.
To the Source. ❤
Every seemingly separate one of you is a part of me and I of you.
LOOK around… symbols of Love are everywhere.
Peace ❤ Disa

The Traveler



A “Traveler” LOVES everything about the journey… from new sneakers to packing to shlepping in car to Poughkeepsie, the train to Grand Central in Manhattan and then a subway in NY, with a suitcase WAY to big for dragging to my daughters apartment in Brooklyn to spend the night and then shlep to JFK the next day…

I LOVE IT! All of it!


The body in motion… cars, trains, planes… flying high above the Earth… almost touching the stars! Hushed voices of polite conversation, some with foreign accents, drifting my way. Babies giggling OR…. Electronic gadgets keeping folks occupied as WE a body of ONE huddle together in a tight space in a metal bullet with wings that seem way too flimsy… as they shake and cavort while we speed along at 500 MPH. HOW exciting!!! I like to ponder everyones journey upon these modes of movement. Where are they going? What will they do? The energy is palpable for me. I am sensitive and empathic… it is a smorgasbord of sensation. I like to tune in.. to meditate and feel the hearts of everyone. Offer healing and Love when I sense a discord. Joy-ning with the Love in everyone. The SOUL of us all.

metro north to pougkeepsie
As I write this now my heart is racing with anticipation, and all the details I must remember to gather myself for yet another journey in only 4 days from tomorrow! This is my 3rd International trip! To Iceland no less! To almost the top of the Earths pole! Close to the Arctic circle. A land of very active volcanos, and steam rising, waterfalls and faeries and elves. The midnight sun is happening too! It is all so VERY delicious. I am staying with Icelandic natives… my friend Stefan who I met on the journey to Colorado in 2012, and his wife I have yet to meet and some new friends connected with his network. It is a fine balance to ride the edge of anticipation and being present in THIS moment. Trying not to project too much and yet delighting in the ideas of whats coming.

A favorite aspect of traveling to faraway lands… is the people. The sharing of food and smiles. The glitter of Soul in everyone. It opens me up… my heart embracing everyone. I can see we are all the same. Often the same tongue is not shared, which can be a wonderful thing. Because we can share that which is our common soul. Here is a picture of Osama and Jalal. I bought a beautiful shawl from Osama. Two wonderful friends… in Old Jerusalem.

Now traveling is not for everyone… it is a lot of work and prep… and one must be willing to be exposed, vulnerable… take risks. But for this adventurer traveling is like breathing or food and water. If i don’t go, I may as well not breathe or eat or drink water. Travel is Life for me.
People laugh and suggest I should be more practical, save what small amounts of money come my way… Tra la la la la I say!!!! See you down the trail!

So off I go!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!! Onward to the Sacred Blue Island of Iceland!
Bless Bless!!!


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