French Press On The Wood Stove

French press on the wood stove..
Rainbows upon the wall…
A frosty diamond morning
Oh how I wish I could SEE it ALL.

Bejeweled tree bright white lights.
There are billions of the points glistening as the sun arises over the frozen lake.  tree_branches_bejeweled1.jpg
The evergreen trees with tufts of white tucked in every open place;
nuzzled in… like a baby in her mothers arms seeking for a breast to suckle.

My breath is taken away as the rays illuminate the glittering specks of ice streaming through the space of sky. 

Ahh! The lovely smell of coffee so sweetly releasing it’s nectar upon the stove. It is ready now. I plunge the knobbed handle down, trapping the grains and allowing the dark strong Sumatran liquid to be poured into my waiting cup. From faraway lands to my lips… Can you imagine the journey?

OH! Sometimes in my imagining I take my consciousness and zoom out of the scene… desiring to truly SEE ALL the glittering jewels of light in this landscape of my minds eye… The Way God Sees.


As I sit here sipping this bitter sweet liquid, I remember my only real  desire… to KNOW the truth of all of this. What is all of this? So beautiful… so cold… so light and so dark… so green and so blue and so white.

What is beyond?? As I go within I feel the stillness of Awareness… the vastness of infinity… the ground of being. The press of Self. The Nectar released.

I see the points of light everywhere… these glittering diamonds reflected in my mind… all touching… without edges or separation… can you see it?

glittering jewels

Outer mirroring the inner perfectly, stainless… and still go further… more deeply to the center… where God meets God.

Awareness, Aware of Itself.

Where all the glittering points of Light are One… Here and NOW.

Disa Sherril Berry 2/10/2013

(If you wish to expand any of my pictures… just click on it for a full screen hi-res shot)

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