Stillness and Impermanence


~ Stillness and Impermanence ~
This shot was taken at Red Rock Canyon, Colorado after a rainfall as the
sky cleared and the sun came out. October 2012


Francis Bennett

An un-awakened life only pays attention to phenomena; physical, mental or spiritual. An awakened life still sees the impermanent, changing phenomena, but it also notices the permanent, unchanging, silent presence in which all the phenomena appears and disappears. Awakened living does not try to destroy the phenomenal world, it just sees that it is impermanent and so, keeps it in the proper perspective. By doing this, awakened living destroys the suffering that is attached to the idea that the phenomenal world should be permanent and somehow ultimately satisfying, which it never can or will be.


Whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, phenomena is as it is, and its inevitable coming and going never effects the eternal presence in which it constantly comes and goes. This silent presence suffers no shadow of change, but that phenomena which appears and disappears in it is constantly changing. 


The end of suffering comes when we understand in our own direct experience that the permanent is permanent and the impermanent is impermanent. The only problem we ever have with the impermanent has nothing to do with it’s impermanence. It is only when we believe that the impermanent should be permanent that a problem appears. We believed this lie a million times and we suffered each time we believed this and, for some odd reason, we carry on believing that the impermanent should be permanent. It’s like believing that cats should bark! But its absolutely perfect the way it is. The permanent is permanent. The impermanent is impermanent. Cats meow and dogs bark, and all’s right with the world! All of it together, the permanent and the impermanent, is what we call, “GOD”, and it is literally everywhere we look. It is in every line written in the book of life (the impermanent form) and it is also between every line (the permanent formless). WE couldn’t miss it if we tried because, we ARE it!

Blessings and Love,

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