How BIG are WE?


How big are we? REALLY.

Am I only my body space? I don’t feel that way. There are no edges. My seemingly solid boundaries help me to move about within this dimension… to commune… to commune-icate. To hug and dance and touch another.

During my visit at Wadi Quelt, (inside the Palestinian controlled territory, a supposed danger zone) as I was meditating in this stunning and beautiful desert park… I felt as BIG as all of it. I was the water and the rocks, the plants and creatures and sky. It felt so familiar there… sitting in the gorge listening to the birds screeching. The limestone walls and caves echoing the sounds of the ages. I was Ancient and New in this Moment. This Moment of Presence which I feel NOW sitting here in upstate NY writing this blog… awaiting the first snow flakes of the fall…. So many miles from the desert and so close I can be there NOW.

What is time and space? What is Aware of the moment, NOW. Who is it that wants to be Awake? Ahhhh that is the crux of the biscuit!

I’ve heard there is conflict “over there.” I saw and felt only Love. I communed with people of several different religions, cultures and skin colors… everyone getting along with me and each other. I hear there is conflict here right where we live, in our towns, cities, and governments. Amongst each other, gossip and hurtful gestures. Do we see what we expect?

Many are coming to this oasis called Wadi Quelt. Many are coming to this oasis called Inner Peace and Presence. Many are looking through their Hearts eyes NOW, expanding… expressing Divine Loves Presence.


BUT I must be aware of how I am BE-ing. And choose the Heart… then I can see just how BIG I AM.

I AM as BIG as the sky.

My Heart is as BIG as the ALL That IS.


Won’t you JOYn me?

Blessings and LOVE 🙂 Disa

4 thoughts on “How BIG are WE?

  1. How big are we? Well … we are immortal spiritual beings. We are smaller than an atom and larger than a trillion suns. We are the lowest, tiniest, most insignificant grain of sand … and we are also 10,000 Buddhas in all our brilliance. How big are we? … our true identity cannot be described in the words that are used in this world.

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