“Orbicular Birth”

Orbicular Birth1

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“Orbicular Birth” ~ Disa Sherril Berry 11/2/13
This is a painting that came through Spirit for my friend Patricia Virasi for her 60th Birthday. As all of my paintings are not pre planned this one came of itSelf. Kokopelli a “mythological” God symbol is bringing forth, birthing and protecting the Orbs which contain a baby Herkimer Diamond at their nucleus. He is also a trickster and God of music. There is fire and water, earth and air and sound present. Dancing IN the Creation…. exactly describing my Shaman friend Patti. Happy Birthday ~ Keep shining! LOVE

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

The process…
I go within and commune with the deepest Creative part of my True Self, asking Spirit to show me a beginning… I rifle through my boxes of found things… Ah! A copper Kokopelli arises… Hmmm a few stones appear in my minds eye. The white prepared wooden “canvass” is waiting. I let intuition guide the hand and colors drop from their bottles… movement occurs and an encoded painting appears where the was only found objects and Light, Energy and Information. I am in JOY at the Creation, Extending, Loving.

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

The painting is 6″ X 6″ and unavailable for purchase.
If you would like me to create a painting for you please contact me and I would LOVE to… Only pay me if you LOVE the piece and it resonates within your heart. 🙂

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶



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