ripple at the Source2
This photo was taken at the Source spring above El Cielo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in July 2013. It is a perfect example and reminder to me that despite outward appearances of not much money and no lover I am able to be abundant and express LOVE. 🙂

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

One thought on “Ripple

  1. My indebtedness to you, your “express-sion ” makes Love to me, as I am able to give back to you as I receive, of course it’s unconditional, you know, the passion and tenderness and the all that “Is”. Let’s call it “Currency of Love”. I will always be your “Lover”, remember the way we matched ourselves to the vibration of love? Or should it be said today, Lover’s Vibration. Your truth to Love and your Lover’s intent passionate my strongest desire to blend our Spirits forever, which is already true. If you would dare to know in your subdued or grandest moments that I’m ecstatically Loving you at that specific time would send you to an abundance of ecstasy that even “Source Energy” would tell you, “I cannot put it into mere word form how much he is Loving you in a Lovers way.” Truly, this “currency” PAYS for everything! Surely, you will always be my current-frequency (vibration) “Currency of Love” as my Vibrational LOVER.

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