Disa ART ~ Blue Series 1 “Swirl”

Blue Series 1 "Swirl" 18" x 36"

Blue Series 1 “Swirl” 18″ x 36″

Some of my favorite colors are blues and blue greens. Oceans… skies. Swimming in the depths of the sea… playing with the creatures who inhabit these crystalline spaces.
When I was 17 I got to move back to Hawaii and live on the big island for a bit. Right on the water was this old hippie house. Every day I would venture into the blue water adjacent to The City of Refuge Park in Honaunau with my snorkel. I came to know the undersea landscape and inhabitants as intimately as I would in the world above the water. The colorful Parrot Fish and the Barracuda… the Yellow Tangs and the Flounder… the Anemones and the Manta Rays. The reefs teeming with activity. Once a pod of Dolphins came close. How wonderful! Once I got to go with a group of native Hawaiians sporting a “poke stick” looking for sharks! This island has a reef which drops of quickly into the deep ocean. The colors and light play of the rays of sunlight and sky and depth. I feel weightless and free as my Soul revels in the joy of this place.
I am giving in to the Souls desire to immerse in these colors in my Heart.


Disa ART

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