Disa ~ Peoples Choice Award 1st Prize* 2014 CANO Members Exhibition

Smiling Disa

Smiling Disa

My dream of painting and showing dimensional art is my passion.
How perfect “First Source” is my first piece to receive public acknowledgment…
As to me Source is God, the Creator, the All that IS. Here is what First Source had to say:

This One shows me primordial veins and arteries…
Deep reds of lifeblood and golden fire of Sun LIGHT…
Universe Illumination sparking, melding…
Source calling ItSelf to form a Carrier; a vehicle to know ItSelf.
Coalescing matter… shimmering solid coppers and fluid amoebic greens and blues…
Watery cells to balance the heat and fill the spaces between…
Body is form-ed and the First One is born. An Idea in the Unknowable made known.”


While leaving for work to drive the school bus at 6:45 am yesterday, March 7th.. I sensed or felt a magical quality in the air. As if all the cells in my being knew life was now shifting. For a very long time and especially in the last year… my daily practice is to meditate, and be mindful of all my thought patterns and beliefs. To breathe in the allowing of my natural state of well being and to breathe out resistance and negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Breathing in LOVE, creativity and joy, out pain and victim energy. I knew that all I desired in this world was not coming as a result of hard work, or luck… but would come because I would shift my frequency. Quantum physics has proved and continues to dismantle the old concepts of what matter and this world are really made of. What I know is that Life is Energy, Light, Vibration or Frequency and Information.
By being mindful and loving of myself and others and rooting out the deep unconscious negative tap roots; By living in the Heart virtues of Appreciation, Compassion and Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding and Valor and by attempting every day even when I have fallen back to live a Love Centered Life… a tipping point will be reached. This tipping occurred on March 7th 2014. I felt it when I smelled the freshness of the air and caught the quality of lights presence in the sunrise’s golden kiss upon the cloud puffs in the morning.

I had entered two pieces in the CANO (Community Arts Network of Oneonta) Members Exhibit. It was my first exhibition in 37 years. First Source and The Blue Series “Swirl” were entered. There are 40 artists exhibiting and so much beautiful creativity in the Wilbur Mansion. The opening reception was very well attended. A huge turnout. This was not a juried show but a peoples vote.
When the winners were being announced… 3rd place, 2nd place (a popular and respected artist) I thought well it was a fun night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then they announced 1st place and I heard my name in the microphone… It was one of those moments where I felt I was in a bubble of time and space. I thought, “did they just say my name?”
Then it was applause, and photographs and a film for TV interview. I felt as if I had arrived into my destiny and purpose in this life. To play and paint and bring the creative dimensions into this world. To inspire people to also play and paint… to allow the natural well being and joy to flow as I feel it now.
I am in deep appreciation for what is and have an eagerness for what is coming. I am very grateful for everyone who came to the show to support art and artists expression.

This was a very BIG night for this artist girl… realizing her heartfelt dream. For when she was a 10 year old she displayed her charcoal drawings wrapped in saran wrap at the Mystic Art Festival on her Aunt’s front lawn. Selling them for 25 cents each… She knew then THIS was what she wanted. To play and be creative in the garden of life.

I am so happy… my guidance while surrounded by paintings sitting in my living room was “even when it seems no one knows of what you are about… just keep painting”… and so I did. And whenever a little doubt would trickle in; that voice that says who do you think you are… you are not a real artist starts up…. I remember the little girl, the inner child who just wants to play with paint… so I become her… and then something wonderful happens on the canvas, something wonderful.

Thank you.
Blessings and LOVE in Creativity!

The show is open through the 23rd. I will be Gallery “sitting” from 1-3PM, March 15th.
Check with the gallery for regular hours. http://canoneonta.org/

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