Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit


Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit

Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit

This piece is entitled “Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit”  because on this day… this day of “dancing” with Spirit… I really had to consciously let go, surrender … And trust… Trust in the Guidance of the Painting Spirit; the Guidance of my Souls yearning to express HerSelf.
I had no idea whatsoever of even a color when I walked into the studio… What I had was a guidance to go into the studio and paint.

There I was with the canvas and the paints…
A slightly awkward moment of inactivity… So prayed and I asked Spirit to speak to me; to use this human instrument to express HerSelf. 

Then it began… “Pick up the ultramarine blue and the micaceous iron oxide… Mix together and brush onto the canvas” so I did… And on…. Dancing and brushing and pouring and flowing, and dancing as the rhythmic beats and sounds of Wingmakers Hakomi Chamber 3 filled the space. From time to time the mind chatters and there is a questioning… So I let that go and trusted…. I am getting better at this. 
This is the way daily life is for me now… A (mostly :)) blissful trust in every moment that I am well cared for… A conscious letting go of the doubt and questioning… whenever, wherever it arises.
As such there is discovery and surprise at the immense beauty coming in the fruition of this practice… This “Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit” on the canvas and reflecting into my life. Life joyfully confirms I am on the right path.
This painting… She comes from this place of surrendering… of Trusting the All that Is. 

I can relax now, breathe and enjoy the unfolding. 
I appreciate painting as a way for me to go deeper.
I appreciate my Life as the opportunity to go deeper.

Peace and Love as Always,

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

“Surrendering into the Dance with Spirit” is 20″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas.




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