Life as a working artist has greatly accelerated for me this year. I find it is a whirling panorama. Or as the Buddhists would say, the great arising display of phenomena.

Since March 2014 I’ve won a First Prize Ribbon in my debut at the CANO Members Exhibition with over 40 artists… and from there has just expanded into a showing (which is still on display) at Five Star Subaru’s Gallery Showroom in Oneonta, NY with 10 of my largest paintings to date. The EXPO for this is July 30th from 5-7. On July 5th and 6th was the Treadwell, NY’s annual “Stagecoach Run Art Festival” and now in August on the 16th my first “Play-Shop” at the Carriage House Art Studio in Oneonta (see the Events page). In September comes “The City of the Hills Arts Festival” in Oneonta. (see link)
A big event for me is my semi-solo show in October at the CANO WIlbur Mansion Gallery!

WOW! In all of the shows to date and via the web, I have sold many pieces of Dimensional Shift Art. I am so very grateful.

It has been my lifelong dream to create and to be supported in the sweet process of continuing to create. Painting, shows, festivals, getting messy… I just love all of it!

As a Spiritual person I made an intention, a promise to live a love centered life. Period. Beyond concepts or philosophies simply to practice Love. This has made all the difference. It is impossible to say as Event Strings go where the headwaters of my successes spring from. The best I can come up with is every act or response goes through the Heart.

I NOW revel in the JOY of my free and beautiful life. Gone is the struggle and angst. Gone also is my consumption of alcohol, which was the last vestige of the ego’s game to keep me struggling and in angst.

Each day is a gift of Love. I am excited with what is coming and joyous for what IS.
Living in the moment is where it’s at. NOW is where my awareness IS. Here is where LIFE happens.

My friend and I were on the phone chatting and recognizing… like Frank Zappa’s song… “We are all just bozos on the bus…” All ONE and yet Unique Divine Creators… ALL on the bus…
I am not sure where the bus is going… but I TRUST the driver does. Who is the driver? The most Aware part of my Highest Self.

So onward with the journey which is most exciting when I am present IN it.

Peace and Love!!!
Bless Bless

✦✶ (ˆ‿ˆ) ✦✶

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