The Traveler



A “Traveler” LOVES everything about the journey… from new sneakers to packing to shlepping in car to Poughkeepsie, the train to Grand Central in Manhattan and then a subway in NY, with a suitcase WAY to big for dragging to my daughters apartment in Brooklyn to spend the night and then shlep to JFK the next day…

I LOVE IT! All of it!


The body in motion… cars, trains, planes… flying high above the Earth… almost touching the stars! Hushed voices of polite conversation, some with foreign accents, drifting my way. Babies giggling OR…. Electronic gadgets keeping folks occupied as WE a body of ONE huddle together in a tight space in a metal bullet with wings that seem way too flimsy… as they shake and cavort while we speed along at 500 MPH. HOW exciting!!! I like to ponder everyones journey upon these modes of movement. Where are they going? What will they do? The energy is palpable for me. I am sensitive and empathic… it is a smorgasbord of sensation. I like to tune in.. to meditate and feel the hearts of everyone. Offer healing and Love when I sense a discord. Joy-ning with the Love in everyone. The SOUL of us all.

metro north to pougkeepsie
As I write this now my heart is racing with anticipation, and all the details I must remember to gather myself for yet another journey in only 4 days from tomorrow! This is my 3rd International trip! To Iceland no less! To almost the top of the Earths pole! Close to the Arctic circle. A land of very active volcanos, and steam rising, waterfalls and faeries and elves. The midnight sun is happening too! It is all so VERY delicious. I am staying with Icelandic natives… my friend Stefan who I met on the journey to Colorado in 2012, and his wife I have yet to meet and some new friends connected with his network. It is a fine balance to ride the edge of anticipation and being present in THIS moment. Trying not to project too much and yet delighting in the ideas of whats coming.

A favorite aspect of traveling to faraway lands… is the people. The sharing of food and smiles. The glitter of Soul in everyone. It opens me up… my heart embracing everyone. I can see we are all the same. Often the same tongue is not shared, which can be a wonderful thing. Because we can share that which is our common soul. Here is a picture of Osama and Jalal. I bought a beautiful shawl from Osama. Two wonderful friends… in Old Jerusalem.

Now traveling is not for everyone… it is a lot of work and prep… and one must be willing to be exposed, vulnerable… take risks. But for this adventurer traveling is like breathing or food and water. If i don’t go, I may as well not breathe or eat or drink water. Travel is Life for me.
People laugh and suggest I should be more practical, save what small amounts of money come my way… Tra la la la la I say!!!! See you down the trail!

So off I go!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!! Onward to the Sacred Blue Island of Iceland!
Bless Bless!!!


18 thoughts on “The Traveler

  1. Soul Traveler …
    You called me from within

    I’ve felt your pulse
    within me
    for lifetimes

    I did not know
    it was your presence
    for I thought
    it was me

    I thought
    it was the highest
    most loving version
    of my very own

    Heart of my heart,
    you called me
    from within

    You called me
    from a distant spiraling arm
    of the Milky Way

    Your quickening pulse
    inside my Self
    caused me to rise up
    from the darkness of
    the physical dimensions
    and soar into the realms
    of the stars

    Your love called me
    to continue on to other life times
    allowing the sacred energy that is you
    to manifest its grace and beauty
    inside my soul
    as I traveled from
    star to star,
    world to world,
    civilization to civilization,
    on my way
    to you

    I found you

    we are together
    in physical form
    on the beautiful
    Gaea Star

  2. Eternal Being,
    you are a happy Traveler
    of the bright realms
    of the Central Sun
    and wanderer of
    inner skies.

    You are not so much a citizen
    of physical planetary races,
    cultures or nations.
    Your soul-lineage and
    center-most identity
    are from beyond the stars.

    You are a
    Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe!

    Countless the explorations
    you have wrapped your Self in
    the fabrics of forms
    growing native
    to a planet’s

    With this understanding,
    be a blessing to all children
    of the Tribes of Light,
    for they, like you,
    are offspring of
    the heavens.

    • Beautiful… I bow before the ONE who shines before me.
      Shining glittering eyes…
      The light within which speaks of
      our true nature.
      I am happy to re-member…
      this is expanding my heart to bless
      and encompass All the children in a pure embrace.
      Bless Bless
      Disa ❤

  3. Traveler?
    Oh yes.

    When the Presence stands still
    it has access to natural abilities
    that allow it to jump to other worlds,
    other lives and other times …

    Then, in the twinkle of an eye
    the Presence returns to this world,
    to your body, absolutely unharmed,
    perfectly healthy and happy
    and with the knowledge
    of where its been and
    an understanding of
    the nature & abilities
    of yourself, a Soul.

    • Ah! Yes… would that I The Traveler She learn how to be so free!
      I am not afraid.
      I can do it.
      I want to stay awake and not fall back into forgetfulness of WHO I AM.
      I AM almost there…
      NOW off to pack my suitcase… see you soon!

  4. Hello Traveler!
    Who are you and where
    have you come from?

    Oh I see … you believe
    that you originated from
    a family, a culture, a nation
    on this planet.

    OK. In a limited sense
    that’s true.

    But I can see into the depths
    of your being, and your history.
    You actually came from the stars.

    You are a member of
    an advanced civilization,
    and you have volunteered
    to come here for a short
    period of time to cast
    enlightening influences
    across the collective
    hearts and minds
    of the souls
    this world.

    • Thank you… I have felt so lost and alone for so long… ’till
      a BEACON within activated… and now I am finding my kin.
      In my dreams I have visited “places” flying about the nebulae and stars.
      Only to wake in my bed in upstate NY… SO weird…
      I am told there is a beloved for me… would that it be true.
      And he a Traveler as me…

      In deep appreciation… from one star Traveler to another…

  5. “Forever” is not too long
    for the Soul Traveler
    as ever step is original,
    bright & new
    taking place in
    the Eternal Now.

  6. Forever … the soul travels
    across the unfolding
    landscapes of Creation.

    She cannot help her Self.
    After all: it is her nature.

    When she lets go
    and does nothing
    still … she travels
    on and on forever.

    In Essence
    she is the eyes
    ears & heart of the Creator.

    She carries the Creator’s
    mind-style, messages,
    thoughts, dreams, feelings,
    love, harmony and unity
    to the worlds & cultures
    she serves.

  7. The Traveler is indeed a being who walks upon the mountains and beaches of this world. She is also a Presence who hears the calls of angels … She cannot help but journey to enchanted worlds and dimensions to be with friends, soul family & lovers who have been her guides & companions through infinite time.

    • Divine Emissary of Love…
      The Traveler who walks in the between…
      Awakening to her heart…
      Sprinkling SUN beams with each footfall.
      Phasing in and out… not sure where the body dwells…
      Comforted by the angels sweet whispering promise of a Beloved nearby.
      A swirling cacophony of colors and textures… form and formless.
      YES! Enchanted worlds, nebulae, and voices calling her awakening cells.
      A golden pool… crisp crystalline nectar… sounds……
      Oooooo Ahhhhh Eeeeeee
      Eeeeee Ahhhhh Ooooooo

  8. Every step we take in Creation
    is like a single beat of our hearts.
    Our hearts sing together
    throughout our lives …
    and of course,
    we are immortal.

  9. The traveler explores inner ecosystems of unspeakable beauty … all the while her body walks across the so-called “physical landscape” … one step … then another … and another … and on she goes, forever.

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