Angles of Looking

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

As a visual artist type… I enjoy this idea of viewing something, all things from all angles.
Like a hologram which is seen every which way all at once from every which way.
When I paint I often photograph the piece from all sorts of angles and as it matures during different times of layering.

This painting simply called “the brook” is inspired by one of my favorite places, Chittenden Brook, in Vermont. The whole place sparkles with it’s own substrate of mica, quartz and wood. The split firewood at night even glowed! Really it did… the ground looking like splatters of bluish green light where the wood shavings fell.

I have embedded stones and a piece of wood carved by the brook. It’s interesting to me,
how the best expressions come when i just let go and play like a little kid in the brook.
This is no small brook either… In places it can seem to be more river like to me… though a small river.
Still another layer of translucent to crystalline clear gel medium and fluid pour. Yet… with this challenge and my really liking whats going on now… I decided to use “the brook” as my subject.

The canvas is 20″ x 60″ and will be added to the gallery when finished. It will probably take a month to fully dry and cure… Patience is a good practice for me. πŸ™‚

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