What Is Connected?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

I wonder….

Where does connection begin? Does it end? If so where?
Journey with me in this weeks photo blog as we wander together…

Connected in wandering…

Connected in wondering.

Frog Connection ~ Mud Trail (White Mountains, Maine US)

Frog Connection ~ Mud Trail (White Mountains, Maine US)

As my spouse and I camped and hiked in The White Mountains of Maine, this fine week in September, we took pause to enjoy the BIG and little things in life.


Where does this frog connect? Is there anyplace he does not. Or for that matter; am I connected to the frog with my eyes vision only? Just where does our connection begin? Or end? Or does it?

What about the brooks myriads of pools and flows… stone, leaf, and water, all flowing.
Moss clinging, sky reflecting, light piercing. Connected…

Connected to me..
To You?
Where does it begin? End? Or does it?


Moose Pond to Beaver Home to

So many connections….
Here we are seeking out the wild Moose!!! We found their tracks and their beds… No moose

YET we did connect with others who inhabit this place! In fact without them, this place for the Moose would not exist.
I find the idea of where it all begins or ends interesting. I feel we are all connected… on many levels; there is no beginning or end.
What one does affects the other, affects the other… We do not live in a bubble!

We stood a while with these forest builders… as the sun began to set.


Sun connected to Sky to Tree to Me


May we all learn to live in harmony…
With each other and with the Earth and all of the creatures we share this planet with.
Remembering that we are connected…
Dis-connection can only be a mental concept, which when allowed to rule ones thoughts and actions, serves to hurt the self as well.
Be kind.

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