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I am now at last rooted. Sherril Berry of Disa Art is firmly grounded in the Northwoods of Maine.

Currently enjoying taking pottery classes and beginning again to paint the glory of Yahweh’s creation.

Our home is a small and modest cabin built by local Mennonites. In this last year we went from living in a modern tipi on our 50 acres… to the rv… to the cabin, just before the fall rains came. What an amazing and wonderful journey! Lots of work and aching muscles for this 59 year old lady, but so satisfying. Self generating power as needed, collecting spring water in the beginning as well as harvesting rainwater which is filtered and finally burying 660 gals of water for winter use. Much progress has been made. Water will eventually be gravity fed, but for now is pumped into jugs and hand carried indoors for use. We have a primitive grey water system for our battery powered shower and kitchen discharge.  We have a mighty fine knotty pine privy (also Mennonite built and heated). A wood stove and LP round out the  heating. Oil lamps and solar lights keep it bright even on cloudy days and in the early evenings.


This is a new life… a lot different than Boston or New Jersey where we had to be for work the last few years. Here it is much more remote and somewhat colder than the Western Foothills of the Catskill Mountain region of upstate NY, where this gal lived, made art and drove a school bus for 15 years prior to the cities stint.

Thanks to a satellite dish (after a struggle to install it) here…. we have some communication abilities and internet and Netflix (yay). Previously there was nothing.. no phone service and we will never have nor want power lines out here.

I am grateful to Yahweh that I can live simply and focus on Bible study, prayer and meditation, painting and other art, as well as the day to day chores needed to live out here in the wild.

Some or rather many may think me a bit nutty for leaving “the world” and all the conveniences of town or city. But for me this is peace. I can breathe out here and connect with the natural rhythm of life as perhaps it was intended… before the deception occurred. But some get it…. the why.


Peace to All and may you find our Heavenly Father and a new life, through Yashoua our Savior.



It’s a nomads life. I LOVE it!!!
Disa Art is focused on painting the connection I feel with the natural world and all the creatures made by Yahweh.
The continuation of Brush and Fluid is maturing and finding it’s own unique voice.
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We are currently enjoying the hills of north western New Jersey. I can see now why New Jersey is called the Garden State. Who knew? It is so lush and beautiful and every day I give thanks and am grateful for the gift of living the nomadic life.
The forest today… perhaps the seaside in winter. The changing panorama of flora and fauna offer me so much inspiration.



Early Spring


Home Sweet Home


Disa’s Backyard!


Lily pads galore!

Blueberry Point!!

🙂 Peace to All
Disa 🙂

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