I am an abstract expressionist; seeing the world in paint, painting the Universe.

When I look around I see paintings, everywhere!
I see colors, shapes, textures and forms; interpreting the natural world in lots of different ways.

Currently I am traveling and enjoying a grand adventure!
My life and artistic calling is drawing me now into a simpler style…
For my 57th birthday this year, I received a French easel and am excited to go and sit in the forests of this beautiful country and paint, “en plein air” as I travel about in my small camper “Nomad.”
Nomadic Art…
Stay tuned in 2016!
Bringing my studio wherever Nomad lands.
Sitting, contemplating and painting all of the wonderful natural places Nomad takes me.

The theme in my life has one word these days…


AND Paint…

I am excited and curious about this new chapter in DisaART!
I wonder where Nomad will take me…
and my BRUSH!



In Appreciation,

7 thoughts on “Disa

  1. I am in introduction phase; introducing me to you and receiving introduction of all sublime impressions receiving from your subjective atmosphere! Not knowing what future holds for me while I am being introduced to you!

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